Cancelled due to COVID-19
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2020 Christmas Wonderland

Toowoomba's Christmas Wonderland began with the dream of creating an event that the whole community could come to and experience the joy and wonder of Christmas. This year marks the 18th year since its inception by the Burstow family.


Event Update:14 September 2020

It is with great regret that Toowoomba Christmas Wonderland 2020 will not proceed in Queen’s Park Botanic Gardens as it has for the past 13 years. The difficult decision has been made by the Lions Club of Toowoomba West to cancel the event in the interest of safety for the members of the Lions Club, hundreds of volunteers, entertainers and the wider community.

We thank our major beneficiaries Toowoomba Hospital Foundation, Toowoomba Hospice and Lifeline Darling Downs & South West QLD Ltd for their understanding and support as we navigate through this difficult decision.

Plans are underway for several non-contact displays in the Toowoomba CBD, as well as investigating a virtual Wonderland experience. Further updates will be announced here and on Facebook as we approach the festive season.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support, and we hope to see you all safe and well in 2021.


Toowoomba’s Christmas Wonderland is an approved event of the Lions Club of Toowoomba West Inc. The ‘event’ refers to all activities relating to Toowoomba’s Christmas Wonderland including the approved site in the Botanic Gardens, Queens Park, Toowoomba; the Setup; the nightly activities and the Pull down. The ‘event’ covers the period from mid November to early January.

For the comfort, safety and the enjoyment of all persons, Toowoomba’s Christmas Wonderland (TCW) advises that:

  • No animals may be brought into the event, except guide or licensed service assistance dogs;
  • No alcohol or drugs of any type shall be brought into the event;
  • Smoking is prohibited within the event;
  • No glassware or sharp objects may be bought into the event;
  • Frisbees, balls, inflatables or other devices that may jeopardise the safety of others or impede volunteer staff are not to be brought into the event;
  • Skateboards, bicycles, roller blades or other recreational equipment that may interfere with pedestrian traffic are not permitted;
  • Vehicles are parked at your own risk. TCW will not be responsible for loss of, or damage to any vehicle, accessory or contents in, or on any vehicle;
  • Persons causing a disturbance or refusing to comply with requests from TCW staff may be ejected from the event;
  • Persons enter TCW at their own risk and must take proper care of all things they bring into the event. TCW will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property;
  • Persons entering TCW agree to be responsible for own actions and indemnify TCW from any loss or liability, cost, expense or damage arising from or in relation to their acts or omissions;
  • Persons gaining unauthorised access to the event areas may be liable for prosecution;
  • All accidents or emergencies are to be immediately reported to TCW volunteer staff;
  • Persons must obey all signs, notices or directions given by TCW or security staff whilst at the event.